Thanksgiving Breakfast and Croquet

Thanksgiving Morning dawned bright, sunny, and warm.
Mom had bought supplies for a perfect holiday breakfast: Lil’ Smokies and Crescent rolls.

So we fed the kids some yogurt and got to rolling! 

I have to admit, I love this tradition. But there are never enough, so I was insistent that we make LOTS! 

While we waited for those to bake, the already dressed and fed ladies decided to play some croquet. I have to admit, I want to keep this up as a thanksgiving day tradition. I am not really into football. But lawn games are so much fun. 
I can’t over emphasize how warm it was. Lucas was totally comfortable like this:
Kids with mallets.
This is me fighting with Mirah about poses and looking at the camera. Each shot got one thing, no shot got them all.
Lets see them live! 

It was at this moment that I realized that Lucas had Yogurt all over his face. 
So much that he looked like an Australian Aboriginal. 
Belle was out there the whole time. It was in fact she that had gotten the Croquet set out and helped the girls set it up. 
I went in to rotate the rolls. I made a stop at the Pipkin Family Bible. 
Finally Breakfast was ready! 
OK, now it was time to get going on the real work! 

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