Visit to the Salton Sea

After a delicious lunch, we made it out to the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.
We were set and ready to walk!
Fun info about the lake. 

We started on the observation deck. 
They didn’t cost anything to use. 
They didn’t come up. 
Sticking together. 
Ladies doing the same. 
I called for Mirah to come to me! 
Her glasses started slipping down her face. 
Then she rant too far. 
So she had to catch up again. 
Half way down the trail! 
These ladies, with jet streams in the background. 
Rock hill used to be a volcano. So there is obsidian all over the area. 
Karen found a big piece. 
There were little sandpipers in a little inlet near the trail. 
Karl and Mirah looked at them and talked together about what they were doing. They even saw little babies. 
With some effort we made it to the top of the hill 
It was sunny and warm. 
But the view was lovely. 
The kids were tied, the grownups enjoying a breeze. 
Me and my boy. 
We had trouble getting our family shot. The kids were not cooperating. 
This one will have to do.
Love my little group. 
The walk back we really noticed all of the birds out there. 
Lucas was getting sleepy.
This was us watching Adam and Belle trying to get into the water. It was horrifying in the end. There were too many flies to get too close. 
A cute design, to ward us off. 
Our walk back to the car was a pleasant one, where we laughed and threw sticks and had fun. 

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