Getting To the Valley & Johnny’s

We left around 1 PM Utah time, and got to my mom and dad’s house in El Centro CA at about 12:00 AM local time. The kids slept most of the second half of the trip. It was quiet and mostly uneventful. 
It was nice to sleep in my childhood bedroom. I love sleeping in that room. 
First thing the next morning, Krysta and Karen were still on their way. And so we got us leisurely and slowly. They would roll in around 11 AM and we planned on eating lunch at Johnny’s burritos. 
So I satin in the kick it room and talked with mom, and admired my dad’s M&M dispenser collection. 
Karl was still sleepy, so we layed on the couch and talked while grandma fussed over the kids. 
Uncle Adam Adam and Aunt Chelsea had surprised my mom the morning before and just knocked on the door. Mom answered and was totally surprised. I believe she said she “had no clue.”
So we arrived at Johnny’s and we were stoked! 
“no hanging out!”
With the Burrito! 
Come to Mama. 
I have been dreaming about these for 6 months now! 
I tried their special quesadilla, and it was ok. 
Ahh, but their carne asada tacos. My favorite! 
Woo Hoo!!
Krysta and Karen’s first stop in the valley was here, and we were so excited to be with them! 
Johnny’s famous Styrofoam cups!  

Carne Asada Fries. 

I just couldn’t believe that Krysta was there!! 
Cutie Pies!! 

After lunch we all got a guided tour of Karl’s hot spots around Brawley. 
Including this preschool, the location of our first date.
Then we were off to Salton See. 

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