Lighting of the Riverwoods

On the chilly Friday night that time of the year had come:
The lighting of the Riverwoods!

We bundled the kids up and headed over.
It was cold outside, and we were early. So we had dinner at Malwali’s.

Lucas was excited. 
After Mirah took her hat off. 
I realized her hair. Yikes her hair. 
Krysta saved the day. 
Food came. 
Lucas ate. 
He had a cute shy moment at dinner. 
We finished up dinner and were checking out this art sculptor. 
As we waited, Santa drove by on the the back of a motor cycle and Karen and I went Bananas! We screamed and ran over to the main pavilion together to see him! We left everyone in our dust. Which caused us to get separated for a minute. 
I couldn’t see due to the pressing crown, but Mirah saw
You can see her holding he dad around the neck as they watched Santa drive up. 

Lucas was with me, on my shoulders. He was pretty enthralled. 

We counted down as Santa flipped the switch! 
Kare Bear and her Daddy! 
Cutie Pie Whitmore’s.
The Pipkin Hite’s

We had to go into Blinketstaff’s.
Then we went home and played with the glowing copters. 

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