This week the weather has been all over the place. It was in the 70’s and still it was rainy, so we just didn’t know how to dress. 
Lucas got this cute new outfit from Grandma Pippy:
Mirah got this cute new shirt from aunt Kelly. 
Mornings are starting to get extra chilly and Lucas is starting to get all bundled up. 

Lucas has started really trying to comunicate with me these days. He bables and says things that sound like words. Like “I lowb ya” that kind of sounds like I love you. I can never get him to say it on camera! 

Our first snow of the season was this week! And Mirah was STOKED

Lucas was only medium about it. 
At first he wouldn’t let me even put him down, but after watching Mirah for a minute he wanted to see what it was all about. Here are the kids running around. 

Look at those lashes!! 
Happy to be bundled up in he car seat under a blanket. 
Until he wasn’t.
I was driving and I turned around at a stoplight to discover him doing this:
My potty pal. 
Kissing the knob for the cabinet, for reasons I don’t understand. 

Then again…
Having BP and J’s at the table after school together. 
Guess who had a half birthday!! 
That’s right, November 17th, Mirah’s half birthday! 
SO we made half of a yellow cake, 😉 . 

Lucas got a HUGE goose tonight! 
Bumped his head on the table. 

And while driving to lunch-Mirah gave herself a makeover with a colored pencil and spit. And she looked amazing. 
I only felt a tiny bit self conscious from the looks we were getting from other parents. But I am so proud of this little creative beauty. 
They are getting too big! I can’t handle how much I love them!
I love being a mom to these wonderful little kids! 

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