After The Memorial

We were all pretty emotionally exhausted after the memorial. All of us ended up napping. We napped so long we unintentionally missed out on Johnny’s Burritos avocado cheese fries!
Thankfully mom and sister Suma were all ready to have another dinner to feed all of us. 
Dad got a firepit for all of us to enjoy out in the backyard. 
Which we did. 

We were still feeling nostalgic. Dad told us stories while we all quietly listened. 

Marissa and Katie even came over and told stories and joined in on the laughs. 
Katie giving me a serious pose. 

We ate dinner and continued talking. 
Dad had some financial stuff to talk to the girls about. 
I sat with mom and the Suma’s talking about their friendship. 
After dad was done talking to the girls, we all sat around and talked some more. 

We all had such a nice time together. To me there was this sense that we were all so sad and tired, and all so happy to be together. It was so nice to reconnect. And hard to say goodbye again. 

We were all leaving back to our respective homes the next day or so, and so we all said goodnight, and went to bed. 

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