Allan’s Memorial

The house was quiet that morning. Everyone was in a sober mood. 
We all got dressed and ready quickly and quietly. 
We had been to a movie until late the night before. So we were all pretty tired. Brandon and I slept in the small room next to mom and dad and stayed up until 3 or later talking. I love that kid. AND even though he got almost NO sleep the night before he was gone by 7:30 to help out setting up chairs at the gold coarse. Love you Branny.
Dad was sitting and thinking all dress, and waiting for the rest of us to be ready. 
We got there a little early. The service was all ready. It was very picturesque. Allan would have loved it. 

People were arriving and familiar faces were everywhere. 
Like Benji. 

The girls had done a beautiful job with everything. I loved all of the pictures displayed for everyone as they went out to find a seat. 

The programs were really nicely done too.

Here is a link to his Obituary.
There were also pamphlets and envelopes for donations to the Brain Support Network. 
In his Eulogy they asked that in lieu of flowers send donations to this organization. 
Here is a link to their website.
This was the organization that helped Marissa donate uncle Alan’s brain for research and analysis to the Mayo Clinic in Florida. 
One of my favorite pictures on the table. My dad even told a story about them racing on these bikes in his eulogy. 
People started to gather and arrive. 

The Pipkin boys and Brother Bryant. 

Joe and his Pipkin boys.
Noah and Caleb. 
Caleb and Eli, twins. 
Joe and Daniel Zevala  (SP) with their boys. 
Branny and Jeff Burt with Jeff’s little girl. 
Brandon and Mama Licia. 

Dad with Uncle Dave Angulo 

Marissa and Uncle Lee. 

The Issacsons. 
Me and my high school principle Hubba Hubba Joe Evangelist. 
Aunt Sue getting ready for the ceremony. 
Aunt Kathy, Uncle Lee, and Leonard. 
It felt like the whole town was there. I wasn’t ready for all of the familiar faces from all over town, for all of my time growing up. 

Emma Jones and Martha Hoops keeping shady. 

Katie and Marrisa as the memorial was about to begin. It was at this moment they started to make fun of my for all of the pictures that I was taking. I asked them if they had anything to record the ceremony, and they both laughed at me. 
These girls. 

Allan’s ashes are in that box. 
I think it is lovely.

Everyone milling around. We had to get out extra chairs and move chairs into the shade for old people. 

The Fab Four as Aunt Sue called them. Thanking everyone for coming and announcing the program. 

Milton Zinn gave the opening Prayer. Just to be clear, he wasn’t praying when I took this picture. He got up and folded his arms and said a few words before he prayed, and that is when I took the picture. But he of course blinked. 

Dad stood first and gave a funny, touching, honest, and beautiful eulogy for Allan. 
I have it here in 3 videos. 
I was running out of space on my phone. 
So I got most of it in pieces. 
Next was Aunt Sue. 
She read this lovely poem. 

To Those I Love And Those Who Love Me

When I am gone, release me. Let me go
I have so many things to see and do.
You mustn’t tie yourself to me with tears, Be
happy, we had so many years.
I gave you my love and you can only guess
How much you gave to me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you each have shown
But now it’s time I traveled alone.
So grieve a while for me if grieve you must
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
It’s only for a while that we must part
So bless those memories in your heart.
I won’t be far away for life goes on
So if you need me , call and I will come.
Though you can’t see or touch me, I’ll be near
with all my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone,
I’ll greet you with a smile and “Welcome You
Next Joe made some remarks. 

Then Marissa. She moved the flowers “so I can see my uncle Marc.”
The flowers were organized by Aunt Sue. Who in her words called her neighbor for help and she did them. They were lovely and simple and they really reflected Aunt Sue’s style to me. There was some dispute about them being uneven, but I think that if there was any unevenness that it only enhanced their beauty. 😉
Marissa said so much that was so lovely. Most of what she said was Thank you’s to all of the many people who helped and loved Allan. His doctors and nurses and friends. For those who came and visited and helped him in “the Bucklin Park” days. It was a reminder that he had really been through so much. That when he got sick, we just didn’t really recognize it for what it was. She said she really wished she could go back and really get him help earlier.
She talked about her dad’s love of music and talked about how when they would listen to the Allman Brother’s song sweet Melissa:
He would sing instead, “Sweet Marissa.”
One thing that was especially impactful was that having her uncle Marc there was in a way like having her dad with us. 
Then there was a musical number by Katie and Jordan. 

It meant a lot that Jordan Morita played for her.

She sang dream a little dream.

Katie spent what must have been many many hours going through pictures and videos making a video memorial of Uncle Allan. We saw her and Aunt Sue at Vons the day before and saw the car full of photo albums and videos that we combed through to make this amazing tribute to Allan.  The room was full of laughter and tears as we all enjoyed this lovely photographic memorial to his full life.

Dad – i love you – Large 1 from Allison Hite on Vimeo.

I took some screen shots of some of my favorite pictures.

The Ralph and June Pipkin Family.
Allan and Dad in the Back.
Grandpa Pipkin, Grandma June and Aunt Kathy up front.


Allan and Dad.

Allan and Dad.
I love my dad’s pose here.

My mom and Cameron with Allan and Aunt Sue.

Top Row: Allan, Susan, Grandma June, Christian, Dad, Cam, Maryn, Mom
Bottom: Steve, Kathy, Cord, Grandpa, Spencer, Ann, and Lee.

Top: IDK, Kathy, Amanda, Patrick, Steve, Dad, Brandon, Mom, Spencer, Allan.
Bottom: Joe, Marissa, Cord, Maryn, Cameron, Me, Marissa.

This the party where Cameron got hit in the head with a rock that Joe threw at him. He got stitches. 

Dad, Grandpa, Allan, Kathy.

Uncle Allan and the VW Van. Both Allan’s Family and Aunt Kathy’s family had one of these vans. It was pre suburban days. Pre mini vans. This was the way to cart your over sized family around in style.

Dad, Grandpa, Allan, Steve. With Grandpa and his dune buggy at Glamis. We went out a few times when I was little, but we stopped. I think it was just too hard with little kids.

This was from a video at the Pipkin’s house. Uncle Allan was singing, “The Time of My Life,” and holding Katie up as she looked at herself in the mirror. It was so sweet.

Look at these teens.

Boatwright zebra cakes! We had them for years at every family birthday party!

We were not there that night, but it was crazy, I had forgotten about the Dan years.

Big Al’s Christmas Tree Lot! We spent a few Christmas’s selling Christmas trees. It was really fun.

Uncle Allan seemed to be a pro of sleeping with a baby on top of him.

This is how I think of Allan. This is the Man in my memory. 

One taken near the end. This one breaks my heart.

After the video, there was lots of time to talk to people.
Loretta Pipkin and my dad. 

Lenard Pipkin. 

Denise Morita Family. 
Doctor and Katie Kalvin with Marissa and Aunt Sue. 

Chatting with old neighbors. 
Branny and Joe 

Jeff and Jennifer Burt. 

Branny and Jeff

These guys wouldn’t look at the camera for me.
Jeff finally got Brandon to be serious.

Cameron sat with the Williams. 
These lovely ladies! 

Aunt Sue. 
Mom and Dad on their way out. Marissa getting one last hug in. 
It was a truly lovely ceremony, celebrating the life of a much loved man. 

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