Family BBQ at the Pipkin House

Dad welcomed everyone. 
Adam and Belle and Cam and me were there of course. But there were a gang of other visitors too. 
 We had salad and beans and watermelon and grilled carne asada and tortillas and chips and guac and salsa. It was AWESOME! 
All of the Pipkin Gang were there too. 
Joe and Katie and Jamie and Marissa were all there. 
Uncle Lee, Aunt Sue, Aunt Ann, Dad and Kathy were there too. 
Quiet polite dinner talk quickly turned into loud hilarious memories of the old days as kids together. 
Joe’s wife Jennifer and their three kids were there too. 
It was getting late and the kids needed to get to bed, but before everyone left, I begged for a group picture. 
So while Katie got her phone set up and timed, I took some close up pictures of the gang. 
Noah, Marissa, and Brandon.
Katie Aunt Sue and Noah. 
Jen, Caleb, Joe, and Eli. 
Mom and Cam. 
The gang waiting for me. 
We got Ann and Lee to come in. 
Ann and Belle. 
Mom Cam and Adam. 
Katie, trying to squeeze everyone in. 
Dad walked in from dropping off Aunt Kathy as we were about to take the picture and we all called him to get in. He playfully dived into the middle of the group. He was being so silly. 
Any excuse to cuddle up to mom. 
Everyone Live. 
The picture was a success!!! 
A quick dispersal after the picture. 
Aunt Ann and Uncle Lee. 
I think that cam was missing his boys. 
Grandpa and Grandma, Dad, Kathy and baby Alan. 
A really fun and unforgettable night. 

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