Getting Ready to Go

So the day after the elections:
Image result for sad after election
Yeah, this was me. I still love my country. I support the democratic process. I am still sad, but determined to be more involved and informed to hopefully help create change. 
I still needed to get ready for my trip the next day.
 So I did the laundry, cleaned the house, got the tires balanced.
Thursday we got Lucas a doughnut. 
He loved it. 

Here he is at the tire place, eating his doughnut with one hand and playing with toys with the other. 

Later we met up at Belle and Adam’s place with the kids to leave. 
No one was home. So we waited on the porch. 

Adam was in the shower, he let us all in. We waited for Cam. 
In the leaves. 

Last cute moments before we drove off into the sunset. 

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