Veteran’s Day Driving into El Centro

We drove into Vegas around 9:30 PM Utah time. 
Cam Drove us there. 
Veterans day dawned bright and early and Cam was feeling terrible. The first thing he said to me that morning was, “Well I know you are all rested to drive because I know you slept all night, because you were snoring.”  I had disturbed the group all night with my terrible snoring. 🙁 I guess I like to think that A) I don’t really snore and B) that it is delicate, none loud. But apparently, it is awful and loud and I did it all night and I was mortified and I will never get over it.

So, in an effort to make penance for keeping everyone up all night I drove the second leg home.
BUT, I drove too fast and too crazy for Cameron. 🙁

But, the minute we got home this was waiting for me:

And the torture of being in the car was all forgotten in the embrace of my favorite little brother.

After a shower, I finally made it to get some lunch! 

Yep Celia’s. 
I had the perfect lunch:
A shredded beef sope and a quesadilla especial! 

In fact we all got one. 

The day was spent getting ready for a big BBQ my mom and dad were hosting and talking. 
Right before dinner started, we had a visit from our favorite Veteran family! 
The Suamataias (SP) 
Brother Suma was being honored at a Veterans dinner. So he was all decked out in Navy Blue. 
Master Chief. 
Thank you for your service! 
Benji and Sister Suma were there too. They left to their dinner, and we started ours. 

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