Day of the Dead 2016

We have had lots of loss these past few years.
So the day of the dead has become more important to celebrate for me.
After Halloween puke fest 2016, Lucas was in much better spirits even though his car seat was still wet after the hose off from the night before. 
We started celebrations early with crafts with these ladies. 

Yep we made these fun masks. 

Our flowers. 
I even made these home made tres leche cupcakes. 
Dinner time rolled around and we had Mexican Soda. 

Pan Muerto. 
Our guests started arriving and getting into the spirit. 
After our dinner of shredded beef tostadas, home made lime cilantro rice, beans, and guac.  

After dinner, Karl and I went to go to play with the Pipkins. 

Our fearless leader, Cameron. 
He wore Grandpa Johnny’s glasses. 

Kelly got Cameron a sweet Dungeon Master cloak.
Getting ready to play. 

Cam gave us all cold Snicker bars to remember Grandpa Pipkin and his cold candy bars. 
Krystin brought coconut cream pie to remember grandma and grandpa Barainca.
Fun day, fun night. 

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