Turkey Time is here

Turkey Time! 
So phase three of out annual fall decor has begun. That’s right, down with the jack o lanterns and up with the turkeys!

We of course put up our gratitude turkey.

I already got a little carried away. 

It’s really cute this year. Now that Mirah has begun to write, she can make her own turkey feathers. That bottom on says “mom” by Mirah. You can also see her “dad.”
Our Piano. 
School projects are turning turkey too. 
Mirah’s calls is making a Turkey wall. She was asked to make an interesting turkey. 

She wanted to make a Fairy Queen Turkey. 
I think it’s safe to say she nailed it. 

She also made this little pine cone turkey. 
Yes he has a Walnut shell face and pistachio shell feet. 
Thanksgiving day here we come 

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