Rosy and Ginger turn 1!!

A year ago on October 22nd, Rosy and Ginger were born!
Here is the post from then.

To celebrate these little ladies, the Reddoch’s threw a fun halloween themed birthday party!

The day of the party arrived, and we were ready to party! 

A cute little display as we came into the house. 
Here are the birthday girls!! 
In cute little shirts that she made for the girls. 
She mad a ton of cup cakes. With cute golden sprinkles and witches hat. 
Rootbeer witches brew. 
(with fancy dry ice for effect.)
Juice and water for the kids. 
Cute decor and tons of delicious food! 
Did I mention the cute party hats??
Lots of friends and family were there. 

Look at this little cutie. 
Mirah was just so happy to be with her cousins. 

Everyone brought their pots of soup. 
We brought Tomato bisque.
There was also potato soup, chili and gumbo. 
Ladies. Little cuties.

Baby soup goatee. 


Time for presents. 

Proud mama and her cutie little ladies. 
Ready for some cake. 



Even after the party, we stayed all day to play. 

Dad and his birthday girls. 

We went out to dinner at Mo Beddah.

 It was pretty loud in there, so I went outside with the kids. 
Kids can make a playground anywhere. 

My little cutie witch. 

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