Scarecrow Fest

On a beautiful fall afternoon, during fall break, we were all going nuts with these kids in the house. 
What better place than a huge garden to release those wiggles. 
The Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point is having a Scarecrow festival. 
We met up with Betsy and Judah and Asher. 
We were supposed to vote for our favorite scarecrow. 
Betsy’s was the first. 
Twin Momma.

Hulk Hogan! 

Mirah’s favorite. 

This mermaid has the same kind of tale as Mirah! 
We spent a long time at this one. 
It was an I Spy Scarecrow set. 

This is the one I voted for. Traditional pumpkin head, well made, on theme, and he has ZERO! 

The abominable scare crow. 

Judah and Lucas were with us too. 
But Judah didn’t want to get in the pictures because “he was too shy.”
Lucas was in the stroller. 

This one was my favorite name:
“Yera Scarecrow Harry.”
Obi Pumpkinobi 

Willy Wondka and an uncanny valley face of Gene Wilder. 
After the scare crows we checked out the new Jesus Christ themed larger than life statues. 

After all of that walking around we were hungry! 
There were a few food trucks and a bunch of bouncy games at the waterfall.
We shared a foot long corn dog. 
And after playing for a while it was time to go.
Mirah sweetly asked for some cotton candy. 
And since we had been so good the whole time, I had to say yes. 

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