Halloween Cookies 2016

Halloween is right on the way, and Mirah’s preschool did spiders and bats this week.
Mirah was all in the spirit to make some Halloween cookies. 
We got home, put Lucas down for his nap, and we got to work. 

Pumpkins and bats and cats and ghosts. 

I also made head stones for everyone. 
I had some trouble. 
My first batch of cookie dough went wrong. 
And my second batch of frosting went wrong. 
IN the end we had a fun time. 
We had the Whitmores over for dinner, FHE, and cookie decorating. 

Karl’s head stone. 

Mirah and Karen were my best decorators. 
Lucas just wanted to eat. 
The black sprinkles turn your teeth black. 
Cookie time! 

My plate of cookies.
One of Karen’s plates of cookies. 
Kyrsta’s delicious pumpkin. 

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