Maybe Farm Costume Debut

Our first outing with the kids in their costumes was to The Action Team event. 
It was at the Maybe Farms in South Jordan.

The evening is was lovely. 

Lovely and FREEZING. 

Mirah got her prize for wearing a costume. 
She wanted a whistle. Oops, that is a Chinese finger trap. 
Lucas got some sweet shades. 

He put them on Karl when he got tired of them. 

Did I mention that it was freezing? 
I wanted to take a picture of the two of them together. 

I tired again. They wanted to snuggle up in a wagon. 
Tear from the cold. 

Me and my babies. 
The most normal picture where they are both looking sort of toward the camera. 

Sassy whistle. 
Pumpkin as big as a baby. 

Waiting for dad to come and pick us up. 

Dinner at Chapolte. 

Mirah looks so punk rock with her blue hair. 
Lucas is always happy to have some beans. 

Cool guy. 

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