Halloween Costumes: Vaporeon

The kids costumes. 
It is time. 
Karl convinced Mirah she should be a Vaporeon.  I was not very serious about it, until I talked to Krysta about it, and then she showed me that I could do it. 
A Vaporeon is one of the many evolutions of the Eevee. 
This one. 
Krysta and I went to Hobby Lobby and Joanne’s and got all the materials we needed. We watched tutorials and got inspired by cosplayers. 
We followed this tutorial about how to do the ears:
This girls ears are incredible. 
We did our best. Krysta is my hero. I made the pattern. Traced it and cut them out. 

Krysta helped with the cutting at angles to make them wavy. 

We primed them with mod podge. 

While we let that dry we started work on the tail
This is the image that inspired me. 
Vaporeon tail+skirt by CissyAphrodite
We decided not to do the skirt. 
I made the pattern for the tail with construction paper. 
This fabric was from a special cosplay line at Joanne’s 

Krysta traced it, and marked the fabric. 
We used this turquoises felt for the triangles on the tail. Krysta designed it. I sewed and cut it out.  
I sewed the triangle strips in the the two pieces of the front on the tail. 
The back part of the fin is craft foam. SO it can drag on the ground. Then I sewed the two sides together. And sewed on a waistband. I was going to make a velcoed waist band but since the material was so stretchy I decided to make it a tie waist instead. 
Mirah was getting excited. 
I started the first layer of paint. 

Then I glued them on the head band. 
Even cuter with her hair down. 
I am really happy with the way it turned out. 

After the first day of work we had the head band and the tail. 

You can see the craft foam on the bottom of the tail. It was just what I had left over from the ears. 
Day two. 
I bought a patter that had leggings and shirt patterns. It was on sale for .99 cents from 15.99 so sweet deal. This knit material was rough to work with. But we did it. 
Looking cute. 
We were thinking about just buying a shirt. But then, we had enough material, and we just did it. 

I will just say it. I did a little bit of the sewing, but Krysta made the shirt. She is amazing. She did it, and I watched.

Kyrsta also designed the collar, but I don’t have any pictures of that part. She eyeballed the design. I sewed the pleats, then sewed on the velcro.

Fianlly all done .

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