Hee Haw Farms 2016

Mirah’s class went to the Heehaw farms again this year.
I was a parent volunteer. And I brought Lucas. 
School buddies.
Mirah, Eve, Analyssa. 
The owners gave us an into to the farm. 

Lucas was kind of hard to keep track of. 

Our first stop was the petting zoo. 
Lucas finally plucked up the courage to pet a pig.
And it ran away. 
Mirah and her buddy Eva were stuck together all day. 
They also pet the pigs. 

Mirah, Eva, and Eve’s little brother Noah went up and down the slide hill together over and over again. 
They had a blast. 

Noah got over it. So they had their friend Danny join them. 

Then they wanted to go alone, just once. 

Then once again with Miss Vicki. 
Then Lucas found a car in the hay. 

We went down the slide together a couple of times too. 

The gang in the corn maze. 

Lucas led the way. 

Everyone got to pick a little pumpkin. 

Then we went to the corn pit. 

Lucas didn’t seem to be quiet ready. 
“I’m gonna do it.”
Mirah decided to be buried. 
Then the battery died on my phone.
We bought a few more pumpkins.
Loaded up the car and drove home. 

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