Popcorn with the Reddoch’s

Even though the Reddoch’s have moved far away, we are trying to keep up the traditions we started going. Like watching Ichabod Crane and eating caramel corn.

The babies were excited to do it for the first time. 

And run around together.

And look amazing in a diaper. 
Who me?

Pulling a Donald
No no no. Haha, just kidding. He got stuck in there on his own. 
“I have a bowl.”

I made the popcorn this year. I made it a little crunchy this year. 
You have to eat, when watching this guy pound it down. 
Having fun. 
Popcorn with this lady. 
When the movie was over, we went right home. 
And despite the sugar high, we all went right to sleep. 

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