Famers Market with Switzy

This weekend we had another sweet “catterday” with Switzy.
Instead of hanging out at our house, we went up to SLC and hung out with Switzy.

Our first stop was the farmers market.

One of my favorite things that day was this sign:
The bowls were seriously huge. 
Each one came with a story of the tree it came from. 
It was a drizzly morning. And the kids were all outfitted in their rain gear. 

We got tons of delicious food and bread and salsa and popcorn. I love the farmers market. 
For lunch we went to Oh Mehi. We had Pho and Bon Mi and Switzy had a rice noodle salad. 
Our last stop was at Switzys house. We met her cutie pie cats: Lewie, Kitty Cow, and (Insert name I can’t remember here and her cutie pie dog stitch. He was a scrappy dog with one eye and crazy hair. Lucas was in love. Kitty Cow had thumbs and was so fat and cute. Lewie was so much fun.
The kids loved to play, and we had some delicious vegan cup cakes that Shena made.

We went home and gave the kids a nap. SUCH a fun day! 

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