Bye Bye Sunflowers

Fall is here which means the process of taking the garden out has begun. 
Today’s project, out come the sunflowers. 
My little buddy had to help. 
He also had to sit in the water puddle in the garage. 
I had a couple of cucumbers on the vine. My only two cucumbers of the season! 
Sunflowers are rough. 
While I was cutting one of them out, the stem whipped back and hit me in the face. 
This last flower was HUGE!
It was like 12 feet tall and the stem took like 10 chops to get cut. My sheers will never be the same. 

Finally the beast was down. 
It was like a small tree. 

All done for that day. 
The bin was full, and I was hurt and tired and 
I did’t even get all of them. 
Lucas was getting tired too. 
I kept the drooping flower heads. Look at all of those seeds! 
Next week, Corn. Then tomatoes. 
we only have one green bin, so I have to do it in phases. 

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