First Day of 4 Year Old Preschool

Mirah started preschool again this week. Last year she was at Center Stage Preschool and she LOVED it. We decided to go back for he four year old Preschool year. This year they offered an “Advanced 4 year old class.” They go 5 days a week and learn the Kindergarten curriculum.

She is basically doing kindergarten a year early. She was feeling a little nervous as we got ready to leave on her first morning. 

I wanted to do that sign thing that all of the other moms do, so I took our little practice white board and made this sign:
She was really nervous. You can see it on her little face. 
Karl had a talk with her the night before. She told him she was nervous about going to school. He reminded her that she was going to the same school as last year, that she would have the same teachers, and there would even be some of the same kids in her class. That seemed to make her feel better. 
After some of those reminders she started to feel a little happier. 
Mirah on her first day last year:
Behind us these two were working on getting going. Karen would start at her old school the next day. So she was with her dad getting their trailer all hooked up. 
We arrived! 
Feeling nervous again. 
We followed a couple of other families in. 
Stopped to take a picture with the sign. 

Mirah found her desk. 
Before I left we got a picture with her teacher Miss. Vicki.
I waved goodbye, but she was already into her work, she didn’t even notice me. 
Lucas and I went home and did some cleaning, ran some errands, and took at nap (Lucas, not me).
Then we returned. 
Lucas played with the door stopper while we waited. I think he had missed Mirah. 
Yeah, he has no shoes on. I put them on him, then he takes them off in the car! 
Just as a note, this is what Lucas looked like on Mirah’s first day last year:
Then, TADA! 
A messy haired, smiling, visored Mirah meet us. She was so excited and happy to everything that happened that day was just spilling out of her before we even got to the car.   
The visor she colored:
Oh my goodness I love this kids so freaking much!!! 

So just like last year she tried to tell me all about it. 
This time however she was all over the place and we kept having technical difficulties. 
We drove through Chic Fillet and can home and relaxed. 
We watched a Studio Gihbli movie. 

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