The Murdock Canal Trail

For Labor Day, Karl had the day off, and we were excited to take advantage of the amazing weather that day. 

So we packed a bunch of food and toys and saddled up the bikes and were off for a ride!

We took the Murdock Canal trail.

And enjoyed the AMAZING fall weather.

My helmet was giving me a LEGIT head ache so I took it off, and now I have to get a new one. 🙁

The ride was pretty incredible though.

The trail is on top of the now covered Murdock Canal. The canal is now in pipes just like this one:

There are several parks just like this one along the trail. We stopped and took a picture in this one.

The views from the trail we lovely.

We noticed a fire up on the mountain side.

Also, Lucas fell asleep.

Mirah and Karl needed a bathroom break. Lucas and I sat together.

Soon after our bathroom break, we found ourselves at the Highland Reservoir park.

Mirah was excited to be out of the trailer.

And be playing in the sand.

Still asleep.

Karl made these amazin Bahn Mi inspired shredded beef sandos.

Lucas woke up and everyone had some lunch. It was so nice to sit together. I love this group.


We got more adventurous with the water, and Mirah really wanted to get in!

My cutiepie guys. 

I finally gave in and we put the kids in their swim suits. 

We watched the fire planes try and pit out the blaze on the mountain side. 

Little Mirah loving the water!

The kids started to get cold. So we got out, changed and packed up.
The view on the trail was lovely.

We could even see the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

A Lady Bug landed on my handle bars! It was magical!!!

We got home saddle sore and tired. We knew wanted to have a BBQ, but we were just too tired, so we went out to get BBQ. We went to Dickies. Since we usually have a BBQ on Labor day with the Reddochs we asked them to come along.

We ordered a whole smoked Chicken.

And a taco. 

A pretty perfect day. 

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