Afternoon Snuggies

Things at the Pipkin Hite house these days are…pretty real. Between Lucas learning to walk and getting in to everything, Mirah having weird potty problems, and getting ready to Mirah to start school next week-I haven’t had a lot of quiet time.
After a day of play dates, park visits, and swimming outside we were beat and ready to relax for a little while in the cool downstairs. I turned on a Studio Gibli film, Up On Poppy Hill. I love Studio Gibli because they are so quiet. There is so much unsaid, and the animation is beautiful.

I was in heaven. My two favorite little kids. 

It is very hard to get Lucas to sit still. BUT if he is tired, and I scratch his head, he will sit with me for like, 5 whole minutes. 
You know who else will make him sit for a minute? Mirah.
Lucas LOVES Mirah. 

Mirah loves Lucas too. 
It’s sweet to see them together. 

Mirah has chalk on her nose from the backyard. 
This kid has BOUNDLESS energy. 

Later, after getting wet outside and two poopie diapers:
I love to wee these two be buds. 

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