2016 Raspberry Picking

It’s that time of year. Raspberry picking time!! 
For a Friday Family Date night, we went out to our Favorite Briar Patch!

It is so crazy beautiful out in Mapleton.
Lucas and Karl were ready for some Raspberries. 
He is walking in this year. 
Look at those legs! He was a tiny human lump for me to kiss. 
There was no one else out there, which was actually pretty fun. 
We have been out with a ton of people. And this was better. 
This is Mr. McBride. 
This is Mirah with his 14 year old dog Bella. 
Lucas really loved Bella. 
Mirah all ready with her bucket tied on her waist. 
Lucas was ready for some berry picking too!
Lucas was ready to do some picking!!! 

And ready to share his bucket. 
Mirah was so cute, “Mama, look at my berries!!”

Luke and Karl picked some berries, and they ate them. 

Lucas wanted to pick elsewhere. 
So we parted ways. 
After Lucas ate a raspberry off of the ground and loved it. 

It felt like Mirah and I were on our own in the middle of nowhere. 

Found some berries! 

Look Mama! 

We had lots of berries so we went to find Luke and Karl. 
“Hi Buddy!!”
Wait what? 
More berry eating, from the dirt. 

I mean look at his freaking hands! 

My baby boy 

In the end we picked a half a pound of berried and a bottle of honey. 

Oh these kids. 
I can never get a good one of both of them. 

My little lady girl. 
Bye bye Mr. McBride! See you and Bella next year! 
Everyone was full of berries and happy. 
We went to dinner at Culvers. 
We were sleepy and hungry for protein. And fried food. And milk shakes. 

We came home and CRASHED.
Fall is here. 

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