Hazel’s 2nd Birthday Party !

Saturday evening we were invited to the birthday party of Miss Hazel Reddoch! She turned 2!
We met up with them at Jungle Jim’s Play land. 

Right as we got there we were excited to get started!
We jumped right on the marry go round!

Then the swings!

You can’t tell, but Mirah was really nervous.

Asher was persuaded to get on too.

He was NOT into it.

Mirah on the other hand, warmed right up.

Next, we did a tiny version of the tea cups.

Spin spin spin.

Bumper cars!

In the end, Mirah kind of got stuck.

Ladies, eating cookies!

Then they did this rocket ship one.
Asher was all smiles until it got started.

Judah was LOVING IT!

Asher was freaking out.

He didn’t like this one either.

Mirah and I got stuffed into the Alpine Sled!

Meanwhile Karl and Lucas kept super busy in the toddlers area. 

Karl and I switched kids so me and Luke wandered around.
We found ourselves in a black light booth.

It was a game of some sort.

We got out and found these two:

After the party time, we went out to dinner at the Pizza Pie Cafe next door.

After we stuffed ourselves on pizza, it was time to open presents!
We got Hazel a sweet bubble gun and a copy of Room on the Broom.

Presents are exciting for everyone.

Fun party! We drove home, gave the kids a bath and totally passed out. It was a long fun day. 

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