Renaissance Fair

HUZZAH! It was time for the Utah Renaissance Fair!  

I was able to convince my siblings to come along and enjoy the day with us!

Sisters. Look at all that hair.

Our first stop was the pirate ship play ground.


Down the slide!

Mirah and Me, steering the ship!

They even had these fake cannon things.

While on the ship we heard a beautiful whinny and saw that there were lovely miniature horses.

The kids seemed nervous.

All of us thought of Lil’ Sebastian.

Next we saw the Irish Wolf Hounds. Lucas was in heaven. It was tough to even get him to look away.

Look at that eager face.

A beautiful day at the fair.

We met up with Adam’s brother Brain when we got there. And he was with us enjoying the day.

We bought matching flower crowns. I promised Mirah.

Karl was excited because on the main stage, was the BIRD SHOW!!

Did you know Krystin has a “thing” about birds? I didn’t. Mostly, she just doesn’t like them. Especially the big birds. She stood far away from the birds.

Lucas was INTO them. 

It was about then Lucas decided to make friends with some other boys and sit on one of their laps. The other boy was not into it.

Later he tried again.

I ended up having to hold him. But he was really into the birds.

The boys watching the show.

There were bandits on horses.

Next we went to the sword fighting ring.

It was HIGH energy.

The second round, with the youngest fighter registered in the American League.

It got real out there.

He just kept hitting her right in the head.

And she kept falling over. 

I think Lucas was worried about her.

The final battle. 

The gang with the amour. 

After the sword fight we found a spot on a little hill in the shade to watch horse vaulting.

Krystin went to go and get Lucas a sword. The show was starting as she got back so she ran back to us.

Look at that amazing hair.

Luke LOVED his sword. 

Krystin brought back candy too.

The vaulting show was pretty amazing.

Karl in the stalks! 

Then me!

The vendors were cool this time.
There was a HUGE tent full of kilts!

Licorice stand.

Harry Portter Wand vendor.

Mirah was loving it.

We bought a jug of root beer, and Lucas was into it.

We went to the Artisan area, and caught the end of this sweet show:

There were tons of cool mugs for sale.

A Scotsman.

There was even a calligraphy tent, where you could get your name written on a bookmark, for free. 

It was here where we finally parted ways with the rest of the gang.

We watched as a potter made a butter dish.

We visited a blacksmith.

We saw this amazing thing!

A super fun day!!

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