Day with Switzy

Saturday was a special day!
We met up with my love Shena Switzer!
We had what she coined as a “Caterday.” Just a super relaxed day where we hang out, chat, and laugh together. We had such an awesome day.
She arrived as Lucas was waking up from his nap. We had planed to make Vegan treats, watch some TV, go up to Cascade springs…what we ended up doing was talking for hours, going out to pizza, then coming home, talking, laughing more, and then coloring with Mirah.
A perfect Caterday.

Here we are at Malawi’s Pizza. They had a Vegan Cheese pizza, so we were set.

Mirah loved her!
These two and Mirah’s coloring sheet. She did that all by herself and did awesome about keeping the colors in the lines. 
Lucas made a HUGE mess. 

Here we are coloring at the table, laughing and talking. 

We were sad to see her go after 7:00.
With a scheduled play date next month we said goodbye, and see you later! 

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