Monster Trucks

We usually go to the demolition derby in the summer.
This year we decided to mix it up and go to the monster truck show!
It was at the Utah Valley Fair.
We parked and walked over to the fairgrounds.
Mirah came with us this time. Lucas stayed home with a sitter. 

We bought concessions, and got to our seats. We had box seats this time, so it was a much comfier seat. Mirah was happy, enjoying her lemon slushy.

We had hot dogs for dinner.

Wrapped in fry bread.

Mirah eating her hotdog.

The three of us. 
The moster trucks. 

And the monster truck ride the Dairy ambassadors that sang the national anthem rode in on.

Cars before smashing. 

We put in our ear plugs.

And we were ready to rock!

My favorite truck, Girl Power!

Army themed Sniper

Mirah was not super into it.

But then:

She started to come around!!

There were Lawn Mower Races, and 4 Wheeler Races that night too.

She was back into it again.


We moved down the front to some empty seats.

And we were LOVING IT!!

In action. 

The cars looking pretty rough.

Girl Power!


Ghost Rider!!

A SUPER FUN night! 

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