Qualtric Summer Party- The Real Party

After our tour the real party was starting! 

Our first stop:
Hokulia Shave Ice. They are always there, and I freaking love it!

Our cones!

Next the train. 

We couldn’t sit together.

But we had fun anyway.

Next, face painting!! 

Lucas was not sure about it.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

This is what we ended up with. CUZ NOPE! 
Mirah loves to sit and become “pretty.”


Then we got balloon animals. 
Lucas got a dalmatian.
Which he popped immediately. 
She got a balloon ladybug on her wrist. 
And pink and purple crown. 

FYI- All of the snow cone came out of her shirt.


And food trucks again this year.
I got a dinner from the Mouse Trap. This is called the PEST.
Pesto, salami, tomato, and mozzarella sando. Karl got the Nick Cage. It was has pulled pork, arugula, munster cheese and havarti.

We ate out on the lawn.

Family Pic! 

we got dessert at Art City Donuts.

Maple with toasted coconut.

Cinna Bomb.

We all really enjoyed them.

It started to get late and dark and the kids started to got crazy

They had the Sandlot Up and ready to watch, after the fireworks. 

He fell asleep.

As always such a fun time. 

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