Qualtrics Summer Party- The New Building

So the first part of the summer party was checking out the new building.
The main entryway is a basketball court 
With a big Q. 

And a HUGE fan.

Floating conference rooms.

All over the floor there were mile markers of the company. Here was when Karl got on the Rocketship:

The “board room” 

They now have a kids play room. 

Mirah went right to drawing.

Lucas tried some ball.

Karl wanted to play too.

Here he goes!


Me went on to see the wall of clients.

And the cereal bar.

And the Qualtrics pin wall.

The map! Qualtrics in red. You can see my house!

The views were still amazing.

Another kitchen.

Karl’s new desk.

The bus made it over!

It now lives in the HUB. 

The balcony. With another incredible view.

Dance/Yoga studio.

And the new gym.

All hands meetings meet here. 

More interesting office space. 

A seriously incredible new office space. Even crazier than the old one. 

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