New Refrigerator

So we bought a new fridge, and it was a total…cluster cus. I am happy to have the new fridge, it is MUCH quieter and prettier and a much better orientation than our old one. We bought a new fridge, it was going to be tight. So when we got our delivery time, we took off the molding. 
Expertly. We moved the fridge in the garage. 
At 8:00 AM the next morning, we we up, early, getting letting the delivery men into the house. 
The measured the hall, the space, the area, and it looked like we were good to go. 
Mirah was up, watching the show. 
Karl was nervous. 
To get it through the hall, they had to take off the doors. 
Then they got it in. 
Watching with excitement. 
Pushing it back. 
AND…it didn’t fit. 🙁

Bye bye fridge. 
Back to the store. 
The NEXT day, Wednesday, our new fridge arrived, again. 
This time they took off the front door. 
And with a little cutting up of the shelf ABOVE the fridge, we got it in! 

Like a glove. 
The old fridge is out in the garage. 
And it is now a fancy drink fridge. 
Probably the biggest upgrade. 

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