For the first time ever, in my years of gardening, I finally grew CORN!!! 
I read online and also watched a couple of videos about growing corn and learned a few tips.
1. Watering TONS is really important, especially when the fruit is first coming on. If you don’t, the fruit will not appear. 
2. Planting flowers near the corn is also helpful in growing good corn, it helps with pollination of the corn. 
3. Corn is ready to be picked when;
a. All of the hairs look dead and DARK brown.
b. The top of the corn is rounded off when you feel it. 
So we followed these rules. 
And here in the middle of August, the hairs of some of my corn were dark brown and dead, and the tops were feeling really round. 
We were so excited the other afternoon during Lucas’s nap to go out and pick some corn together. Here is Mirah with our first ear of corn! 

We shucked it right on the grass! 
My confidence grew when we picked that corn, so we wend out and got some more. 

So we brought in the corn and washed it. 
Then we had delicious corn for dinner!!! 
Karl didn’t like it very much. It wasn’t as sweet as he liked. 
But he still hate it up. 

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