At the Park with Maryn & Cruise

Friday was a long fun day.
Any time we have any reason to head up to Salt Lake Valley, I do everything I can to see as many members of my family up there as I possibly can.

I cast a wide net, and see what I can catch. 
This trip was an especially fruitful one. 
We were able to arrange a lunch date with this lovely lady:
We went to Abergene together.

After lunch and a little bit of Pokemon catching we said goodbye.

Then we went up to Salt Lake City, and met Maryn at Liberty Park. She had a special friend with her… Alvaro Cruise.  He is Maryn’s main squeeze. They dated years ago in San Diego.
They have recently started dating again.

He is still living in San Diego, but was visiting Maryn for the weekend in SLC.
Even though they have dated before, I had never met him! Which was odd because I knew so much about him because Maryn had told me so much over the years.

When we got there he was sitting at a park bench.
When I introduced myself we hugged.
We talked all about him. He was warm and kind and eager to tell me anything I wanted to know about him.

Mirah, ever the catalyst of action in my life, needed to go to the bathroom, so we went on a walk in search. We found one, and then ended up at the Ferris Wheel and other rides.

I got some tickets for the group, and Maryn, Cruise and Mirah were ready to ride! 

With tickets! 
Lets go!! 

These crazy and well trained kids running the rides were ready when we got there. 
The video Maryn took:

While this excitement was happening, Lucas and I were watching from below. 
It was a fast and a long ride.
Mirah loved it. But I think that they were all ready to get off. 

Maryn wanted to get on the swings.

The girl was so charmed by her excitement, that she gave her a free ticket. So we waited our turn. 

The cute couple. 
Yes, she was tall enough. 
This kid helped Maryn into her seat. 

Then she was off! 
She said it was “the fastest sing ever.”
Her vision was never clear, it was always a blur. 
She was relieved that it finally slowed down. 

Because she was totally sick when she got off. 
Like actually sick. 
Mirah tried to help her feel better by giving her some popcorn. 
I think Maryn appreciated the effort. 
Mirah misses a lot.

Lucas enjoyed some popcorn too. 
It was time to pick up Karl. So we headed back to the car. 
We promised to meet again soon. 

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