So it was time for babies to get some hairs cut up. 
Lucas is looking like a little shaggy baby boy.
We went to Fantastic Sams. It was close, cheap, and didn’t require an appointment. 
We got right in. 
This is our stylist, Amelia. 
She didn’t want to be photographed. Oops.
She was a PILL. She must have been having a hard day because she was giving us a ‘TUDE the whole time. We got Lucas in the seat and cape just fine. 
Baby boy. 

After this no more pictures. It was be holding his stong head with both of my hands. Me trying to get him to look at me and hold still. Me finally holding him in my lap and both of us getting covered in hair while she did her best to cut, buss, and clip this kids hair. 
At the earliest possible second for freedom he was off. 
“I am free!!”
Just happy to be unrestricted. 

I tried to get him settled so we could focus on Mirah. 

Ugh. One year olds. 
Mirah was next. She was much more cooperative.
She just had like 80% more hair. 
Look at that hair. 
We started with a wash. 
She was nervous at first. 
Not too happy about her neck. The Velcro on the cape was poking her neck. 

But when I asked her for a smile she was able to muster a little one. 
Between that and the nice warm water, she relaxed and enjoyed it in the end. 
Amelia was thorough. Because Mirah has so much freaking hair!!!

Mirah wan’t loving it. The comb she used was pretty unforgiving. 

She LOVED the result though. 
We had two inches trimmed. 
Once it was dry. What a little beauty. 
Ah, we survived. 

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