Baby Grace’s Funeral

I want to start by saying I know this isn’t exactly my story to tell. Still, it has made such an impact on me, I just want a place for all of the information to be when someday, I look back on it.  
My friend and former coworker, Sydney Hill was pregnant with her third child. 
She was excited and anticipating another baby to their loving home. I remember her telling me about her pregnancy at one of our play dates and how excited she was about this baby. 
To me, it felt like as soon as I knew about her pregnancy, this post appeared on Facebook:

More updates eventually followed.

Then this week, Grace was born. 

I was grateful to be invited.

I arrived for the visitation.

Big sister Sarina signing the guest book. 
It was all very sad and emotional, and then I saw Darren. 
Darren is about the nicest most fun loving guy in the world. 
You could see it all on his kind face that it had been a really rough on him. 

They have so much love and faith.
They did a wonderful job of helping everyone know her. 
In Sydney’s Life Portrait, she told us all about all of the things on this table. 
How someone came and took pictures. 
How someone came and took her footprints. 
Family pictures were taken. 
Gifts were given. 
The kids were able to meet Grace and spend time with her. 
Sarina drew a picture of their family. With Grace. 
The tiny casket. 
A friend made this for them. 
A family picture, with Grace. 
The funeral was simple and beautiful. 
Sydney gave a Life Sketch. 
There was a musical number. 
Then Darren gave a tribute and bore his testimony. 
The bishop spoke, and everyone was crying. It was uplifting and totally terrible. 
I left feeling drained, and sad, and wanting to hug my kids. I also left with a gratitude for eternal families, and for this faithful family. They are being grateful, and recognizing miracles, and just being so strong and amazing during this difficult time. 

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