Karl Out of Town

Karl is going into a new phase of work. He took a business trip. And will probably be taking more business trips every month. This is not great news for me, since my life goal was to be like Paul and Linda McCarthy and only ever spend less than 10 nights apart in our relationship. 
So on Tuesday night when this popped up on my phone:
I got pretty bummed. 

I could do for dinner was find a place with a playground and order a hamburger with out a bun. 
The kids were into it. 
Lucas found out that he loves slides! 
He does not love to eat when he would rather play!
Karl was excited about the trip, and ate up! 

The next morning, Karl left very early. 
Mirah was upset when he was gone when she got up. 
We sent him a picture of us in bed, to say hi. 
We are missing Dad this week. 
But we will survive. We are tough. 

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