Ashton Gardens

On a cloudy and cool afternoon we went out to the Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving point.
The summer flowers were in full bloom and we were excited to enjoy them.  
We were there with Claire and her kids. 
It is a great place to run around. 
Our first stop was the rose garden. 

Next was the Monet Pond.
We were excited to see lots of Koi in the water. 
Like a lot of them. 
I had to look away for a minute, and enjoy the water lilies. 
They were pretty fish when they were apart. 
The kids wanted to feed them. 
Another bit of action. 
Look at all of the little mouths. 
It was pretty though. 

The kids. 
We went to the Fragrance Garden. 


Then we ran off to see the secret garden! 

We sat down, and let the kids run around. 
Big boy running! 

Saying hi to baby Bennet and Claire. 

A very serious walker. 

Let him walk out of my view for one second.
He ate a bunch of dirt.

We sat down at the base of the Italian Garden and blew a bunch of bubbles.

It really was such a beautiful place. 

Me and my kids, infront of the fountain in the Italian garden.

Our last stop was the waterfall amphitheater.
Mirah rolled down the hill.

Lucas watcher her…getting ideas.

Here he is, trying to roll down the hill.

So cute.

When I got home, I was surprised to find my sunflowers in full bloom.

It’s nothing compared to all of that place. But I love having a home garden. 

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