Karl’s 32nd Birthday

The week of Karl’s birthday celebrations contiued with a fun date night on Friday!
We went and say Star Trek Beyond!
Then went and got unlimited sushi at Shushi Ya!
My favorite roll of the night. 
I think the Barney Rubble. 
Another favorite that I can’t remember the name. 
Flash forward to Karl’s actual birthday-
Karl slept in. AND came home for lunch to have a picnic on the porch. While he flew his quadcopter. 
Lunch of Waldorf chicken salad sandos and grapes. With cupcakes. 
Mirah was happy. 
That afternoon Malia brought the kids over for some fun, pre-dinner party. 
Cuties trying to escape! 
The kids picked tomatoes from the garden for dinner. 
Karl made his delicious home made BBQ pizza. We had cheese, pepperoni and a Thai inspired peanut sauce. Really yummy. I was so busy, I forgot to take pictures. 
We got one of those big Costco chocolate cakes. 
Happy birthday procession! 
Malia took the picture, and gave us this little beauty too. 
Everyone got cake! 
Lucas made this one count! 
Birthday boy ready for gifts! 
We wanted adults to stay and play, but everyone had to bail for one reason or another. 
So Malia stayed late and played ninja dice. Late.
Happy birthday, to my baby daddy, best friend, and love of my life. 

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