The Garden is A Bloomin’ Kids love Tomatoes

Well the garden is in full bloom. I don’t know why I just can’t remember to water so my cucumbers are no good this year. My corn and tomatoes however are doing super duper as well as my green onions, sunflowers, and green beans.
I mean check out my front garden!

The kids love to go out in ther afternoon and pick scrumptious tomatoes.
Lucas is my son, we know. But he also got the tomato love from me too. 

Mirah is in love as ever:

A few summers ago:
The tomato love runs deep. I eat them while I am pregnant, and breast feeding, and the summers of full of the most delicious hot fresh vine ripened tomatoes so, they are doomed. 
For dinner we had just a salad of tomato. 
My heart is in love with these perfect faces. 

Here’s to another lovely summer harvest. 

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