BFR: Saying Farewell

After many hugs and goodbyes were we on our way home from Bear Lake. One of the coolest things about going to Bear Lake is the view as you come and go. It is a sort of alpine lake, in that you have to cross a mountain pass to get there.
So blue and beautiful. 

We decided to stop at the scenic overlook on our way out of town to get one last look. 

Little Sailor.
The sun was right in our faces, so these are some funny shots of us. 
Karl brought the binoculars and he and Mirah took time to look around.
Just past Logan:
I wondered what she was dreaming about.
Maybe all the new friends and family she had met?
Maybe she was dreaming about her 90 year old great grand parents. 
Or just about the lovely times we had shared as a family. 
Maybe she was remembering fun times in the sand with her cousins. 
Or the fun time we had doing he first ever Chinese fire drill. 
Maybe she was thinking about our snuggles on the beach. 
Or floating in the lake with her cousins. 
Or the way mom and aunt Malia look on the beach while she played. 
Maybe she was remembering the arts and crafts. 
Maybe she was laughing with her buddy Brooklynn. 
Or wearing a mustache at Pickleville. 
Or eating a strawberry shake .
Or swimming in the pool. 
Or just looking over the lake and saying goodbye. 
We sure had a fun time at Bear Lake. 

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