BFR: Slow Sunday

Went to church in Bear Lake at the 10:30 time slot. Great time for church. BUT the ward building there is pretty tiny. They get totally bombarded with tourists during the summer months. It was interesting to see how the wards handled it. First, when we arrived there were like, 5 deacons up front directing traffic. A couple of times before the meeting started, 20 minutes late BTW, a young man would go to the pulpit and say, “We need 15 Aaronic Priesthood holders in white shirts and ties to come help pass the sacrament.  By the end there were 6 priests blessing on the two opposite tables, and 25 deacons passing. IT was NUTS to see the army of young men, like 95% visitors, passing the sacrament.

That was the other thing. The ENTIRE church was full of people there to attend the meeting. I mean the ENTIRE building. I took Lucas out during the second speaker, and every classroom all the halls, every chair was set up. All the doors were open to the chapel and the cultural hall. The whole cultural hall was full to the stage, then the stage was full of people on chairs. The Primary room, all of the classrooms had chairs set up and people either watching on a TV or listening over speakers. It was NUTS.

Then, as slowly as it had started, the people all left. The building services a 9:30 Sacrament meeting, a 10:30 sacrament meeting, then a 12:00 3 hour block.

We went back to the resort, and had lunch prepared by Karl of SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS, nachos. He used the left over meats and cheeses from the fridge to made a boss lunch for everyone.  Lucas went down for a nap. Mirah went outside to say hi to some cousins. I layed down for a nap. I wasn’t feeling well, Aunt Flo had arrived the day before we left and the past 12 hours had been brutal. I just needed a place to curl up into a ball and wallow for a minute. Unfortunately, I was staying on a Murphy bed, in a shared space that was needed for lunch, and visitors, and kids to run around. So after about 20 minutes I gave it up.

Eventually we found our way outside to the grass.

The weather was PERFECT, especially in the shade.

Mirah looked like a perfect little tourist. 

Nick, Betsy, Chris, and Melany were sitting and talking about the pros and cons of a carrier in film. 
There were many distracting babies to keep them off topic. 

It was nice to sit and chat, and for us to mostly listen to the goings on there. 

At one point I picked up Lucas to give him a kiss and found:
He had found some chalk and had a little snack. 

The reunion was really fun, but as happens at such large gatherings, you really can’t see everyone. 
As we were wrapping up our day, and deciding when to leave, we got this quick shot with cousin Nicole. 
Nicole is the cousin that is closest to Karl in age. She is such a neat girl. She is living in Ohio now with her Husband Talon and their cutie pie kiddos Adaline and William. Talon is finishing Med school soon and will start his residency. Yeah! 
Well after all of that fun stuff, the kids started to loose it. Mirah was soaking wet from playing with a hose and Lucas was ready for another nap. The time seemed right to say our goodbyes. 
Here seems the right place to put a family video that was taken after we left. 
That night there was a big dinner. Grandpa Barney gave, what Malia calls, a King Benjamin type address. 
Grandpa Barney:

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