BFR: 2nd Cousins on the Beach

We arrived on Friday evening. We had planned on sharing a cabin with Betsy and Nick’s family, but the cabin turned out to be super small. So Lynnell and Jim thought we should stay with them.

We put the kids to bed, and Karl went out and got us some food.

By 11:00 AM the next morning we headed out to the sand with our tent, the quadcopter, Mirah, and Asher. It was a warm day. We got set up quickly and easily.
We were all instructed to wear our new Barney Reunion shirts. So we all did. 

When we got out there, two little sweet faces met us. 
Cutie Brooklynn Hicken. Karl’s cousin Chase’s oldest daughter and dear old friend of Mirah. 
They are just the same age, and play so well together. 
And William Anderson too. Karl’s cousin Nicole’s 2nd child. He is 3 I think. 
He is getting so big, it is blowing my mind. 

Asher. Excited to be in the sand. 

Our new tent is the best. It was a cloudless day, and the sand was hot. 
But everyone was happy. 

Then the kids found the water!

Mirah too focused to look at me for a picture. 

Then we got out the bubble wands we had brought for the trip. 
And everyone was HAPPY! 

Even Mirah. 
She wanted to sit in the tent with her mom and dad.

Now there were other cousins to see and remember. 
Like Brooklynn’s little sister Kennedy and Melanie’s little girl Lucy.
Here they are with their loving and happy Grandparents. 
Then these little cuties of course. 
These identical perfect baby faces.  Lucas couldn’t help but not look at me. My kids never like to look at me when I am taking a picture of them. 
Rosie and Ginger Bear. 

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