BFR 2016:Tie Dye

Aunt Judy was in charge of this activity. 
Everybody gathered on the big lawn ready to dye! 
Me, Karl, Asher, and Mirah went out on the lawn and started tying up our shirts with rubber bands. 
I tied Mirah’s. Mosting done here. 
Then Karl started to add the color.
Some dad’s looking on. 
The group.

Mirah, directing dad. 

The instructions said to let them soak for 6-8 hours. 
That night, after the kids were asleep, we untied and rinsed the shirts.
Mirah’s shirt. 
Once they were all rinsed, we hung them to dry outside overnight. 
It’s an adults extra small. BUT when we dried and pulled it, it came our super narrow. So it made a perfectly cute t-shirt dress. She LOVED it. 
We made Lucas a onsie. 
Karl made a Baseball shirt and me just a normal tee. 
Mission accomplished. 

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