Mom’s Make Up Birthday

I picked mom up from the airport late Tuesday night. We spent the drive talking all about the trip and the wonderful time she had. She just kept saying, “Allie, it was so incredible,” Or “Oh. My. Gosh.” and “It was just so amazing.” She called it “a trip of a lifetime.” Even though it was late I was glad to have the alone time with mom. I missed her.

Since mom was in Alaska for her ACTUAL birthday, we thought it would be fun to do some partying with her now that she was with us. It was also going to be her last day in Utah so we wanted to rock out as much as we could since we didn’t know when we would see her again.

The day started at Joe’s Cafe for breakfast. We split a short stack of pancakes and a #3 between the 4 of us and there were still left overs.

We got there a little late. I had a doctors appointment at 9 and Lucas had one at 10 so it was almost 11 by the time we ate breakfast. Which meant it was nap time for little man and he was cranky! 

Mirah on the other hand was happy as a clam. She had pancakes and ice and eggs. Nothing more a person could ask for. 
After breakfast we went home and mom finished up laundry and packing up her car. 
The day was HOT. And mom was tired from her trip so we kept it low key. 
We went out to Thanksgiving point and had lunch with Cameron at a little park in the middle of his office complex. We talked about love, life, and the meaning of happiness. 
It had been so hot, we all went home and napped.  We sat and talked and just hung out the rest of the afternoon. 
When Karl got home and Maryn arrived, we all went to dinner at Tucanos! 
Even with a reservation we had to wait 15 minutes, which was fine since it gave us time to sit and snuggle. 

We were seated in no time and the dinner went by enjoyably. 
Kids food. 
The birthday girl. 

Lucas with a napkin cape. 

Maryn and Mirah. Buddies forever. 

After dinner we walked around The Shops at the Riverwoods. It has like 5 PokeStops. So there were lots of people there. 
We had fun catching Pokemon and people watching. 

Not into it. 
Lucas was however into walking around and checking it out!

Mom’s birthday dessert was Dole Whip at the Provo Beach Resort. Her favorite. 

We all got one and sang happy birthday to Mom. 
Mirah was just like: “ICE CREAM!!”
Mom left early the next morning. We miss her every day. 
Wish she lived here. 

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