Family Fun Outside

The days have been hot. But the nice thing about Utah Valley is that there is generally a cool down during the evenings. One such evening was the night mom was coming home from Alaska.
We all piled on the porch watch Karl fly his quadcoptor. 
I just love these cool kids. 
Sitting back and watching proved too be way too much for the kids so they ran out and joined dad for a flight. 
After all of his batteries died, we went to the back yard to make some s’mores. 
We were joined around this point by Kami and Doug.    
S’mores are always a win. 

It is a tricky age for Lucas and fires. He wants to be running around, touching stuff that is not great to touch. It was a bit of a struggle.
But, marshmallows for the win. 

Doug was sweet enough to help Lucas do some roasting.
The kids were all dirty and smokey afterwards so a quick bath was in order. 
Kami is a master braider, so she kindly agreed to do Mirah’s hair.

Look at that! 

Those summer nights! 

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