Burying the Head

The day after the accident Digger Whitmore, Zac’s dad, drove up to Wyoming to get Zac’s motorcycle that was in an impound lot in Cheyenne.
While we were all together in the ICU, Digger mentioned that he was going up that way and would go out and check the sight to see if there was anything there that fell of the bike, etc. The the conversation the led to the deer. There was a plan to go and take the deer’s head. Digger was into it. He had an ax and plastic bags and was serious about doing it.

I told him to take lots of pictures. This is what we got:
She was a pretty little deer. She was pretty small, and young. 🙁
Just wrong place wrong time for both of them. And it is so upsetting when you consider what could have happened to Zac. 
Logan, Zac’s brohter, is actually a pro at simple taxidermy. Since Digger couldn’t get to the head until after it had sat out in the sun for a day, it wasn’t viable for a full taxidermy. So what they decided to do was bury the head, let nature take it’s course, then mount the skull. 
A couple of days later we found ourselves at Logan’s new Provo store. The plan was to bury the deer’s head in Logan’s backyard. BUT they just got chickens, and they didn’t want to attract raccoon. SO there was a place to burry it behind Logan’s store so we all met up there to bury the head. 
Krysta and Lucas looking around the store. 
The store was so great.  But even though we had fun looking around, we had work to do.
The brother’s grim. 
It was a bit of a walk out back. Mom was hanging back, she didn’t really want to see the head. 
There was a lot with broken down cars and trucks and stuff. 
Logan had tried to dig a hole, but needed a better shovel to do it. So we brought one of ours. 
Mom and Lucas. 
Digger had put the head in a bag, then a box, and Logan but that box into another box.
SO, it was a pretty slow, went and stinky unveiling. 
Digger had put some ice in the box. That had melted probably in the first 24. 
So many juices…
The hole was dug, the head was out. 
Logan did it. 
Even after an explanation of what we were going to be doing, that it was going to stink, and be dead and unpleasant- Mirah wanted to watch.  
It was a quiet walk back to the shop. 
Glad this guy is healing. 
Excited to get a new pin from Logan’s shop. 
Peppermint Patty. 

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