Lunch with Grandma-La Dulce Vida

For Lunch time with Grandma…on our last day before she left to Alaska, we went out to lunch at one of my favorite Provo places to eat.

We both ordered an $8.99 lunch special. Manicotti and Alfredo penne pasta. WITH a salad and bread. AND a drink! Cheap and delicious!

I love their bread. It is seriously so good. It is baked fresh everyday and it is then buttered and grilled with a little parm and it is like a soft thick outside of a grilled cheese. YUM. They also use this lovely oil and balsamic vinegar that is to DIE for.

Lucas had some plain penne. AND HE LOVED IT! 
There were only two people working in the restaurant that day and I believe that they were both Italian. The cook at least was. She and I talked about how I had just been in Naples, and that was were she was from and it was just so nice. 
Mirah got a bowl of minestrone. Yeah she ate the WHOLE thing!  
My amazing lunch. 

And my amazing mama! 
We sat and talked about out time together and apart this summer. About the kids, and dad, and how work was going. She told me about how she had jury summons in the beginning of August and how she was worried about getting all of her work done for the school year since she would be in a new grade level and a new year.  
Most of all we talked about how excited she was about going to see Belle and Adam that night. 
It was such a nice lunch. Love you Mama. 

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