Lucas Pipkin Hite turns ONE!!!

Lucas is one today. 
Remember that time…
 It was love at first sight. 

He was so tiny. 6 pounds 2 ounces. 

Mirah became a big sister. 
My heart filled up with love for this little person that I just met. 
That was a year ago.

And Lucas came in to a world where LOTS of people love him.

Right away he went to his first wedding.
He had a million visitors that came to see him! 
Soon he had his first Halloween. 
He actually got two costumes this year:

Here he is with Kami in his Yoda hat given to him by his Aunt Chelsea.

He spent his first Thanksgiving in California at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. 
He spent his first Christmas surrounded by family. 
He even went sledding for the first time! 
And dressed up like Santa. 
We spent a lot of time learning inside in January. He loved his Johnny Jump Up. 

Sibling love was strong on his first Valentines day. 

Happy when dad gave him his first hair cut. 

He proved as he got older that we was a great lunch date.

St. Patties day he was my lucky little leprechaun.

He went to his first LAX game to support Uncle Adam. GO Cougs! 
Became a pro at circus baby. To his dad’s delight and my dismay. 
His first Easter with Belle and Adam doing our scavenger hunt for baskets. 
First time at the beach during Grandpa Neal’s funeral. 

First time in the pool and loving it! 

Did awesome at his first swim lessons. 
Learned to love books and reading especially with Grandma.

Happy smiley boy loves to wave to everyone he meets. 

Not loving his first fireworks. 

He is walking and laughing and rolling around. He can not be stopped! And I can never ever stop loving this boy. He is wonderful and sweet and he makes my life wonderful.
Happy Birthday to my darlying 

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