Visiting Bridal Veil Falls with Grandma

It was a sunny Friday afternoon and we were itching to get out and have some fun!
I had this planets #1 Fan of Provo Canyon, Wendy Pipkin with me and so I thought Bridal Veil Falls would be a perfect afternoon activity.
Krysta had some errands to run so we got to have Karen all to ourselves!

I mean look at that face! She was in heaven. 

The kids were loving it too.
Cutie pie Kare Bear. 

So many people that I love.

My beautiful mama, enjoying the view. 
Winking at me. 

Oh my goodness look at those FEET!!
His perfect chubby baby feet. 

The girls decided to jump feet first into the falls. 

Look at Mirah’s mermaid hair! It is always shinier in the summer. 
These girls are so cute together.

My first child Karen. 😉 

I can hear the noise that Lucas is making in this picture.

Such a sweet grandma. I love her so much. 

Happy to be in her favorite place.
Continued to walk down the beautiful green trail. 
Mirah wouldn’t cooperate.
So I just got a cute one of these two ladies. 

Things started to get hot out there so we slowly walked back to the car. 

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